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bitrix .Net not debug with Visual studio? so how to debug in bitrix .NET?
I first copy the code from one template to, but fails when run: [code=text]" /> " /> <<%= "link" %> rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<%= TemplatePath %
Hi, I made a site from scratch (no "solution") and it's working great, really walking around this product and learning where everything it/how it works. One issue we've had... created a "Student" role, and a user in that role, and restricted a set of pages/folders to those users. Works fine... wit
Question in general: I am interested in detailed guide gudiline help tutorial in creating site template from scratch or/and to adapt publicly available template for .net cms.
Hello I would like to transfer the portal to my server, I have a problem [url=www.adidov.com/default.aspx]My Site[/url]
Hello I want to change the site language by franche