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6.0.8 Updates for your system

We finished our work on some important updates for 6.0.8.  They include bug fixes and new functionality:

New features:
  • Customized Information block element creation forms
  • Collaborative blogs
  • Support of authentication and authroization via Active Directory / LDAP

6.0.7 Updates for your system

Update 6.0.7 for Bitrix .NET Forge is now available. It includes fixes in the Main and Information Blocks modules.

Updates description:

  • Insert include area (bitrix:includeArea) component: fixed bug in path handling;
  • Catalog (bitrix:catalogue) component: filtering items by custom properties values;
  • Control Panel: fixed the link for Live ID key request.

Integration with Active Directory and collective blogs will be available in the upcoming updates.

How to add syntax highlighting to .NET Forge CMS forum

In this article I will show how to add syntax highlighting feature to .NET Forge CMS forum, by writing about 50 lines of code.


6.0.6 Updates for your system

Update 6.0.6 for Bitrix .NET Forge is now available. It includes fixes in the Main and Information Blocks modules.

Updates description:
  • site template editing page (~/bitrix/admin/TemplateEdit.aspx): fixed bugs occurring when a new template is saved – saving of a template name, its description and path;
  • Insert include area (bitrix:includeArea) component: fixed bug occurring when creating a new included area in a non-existent folder;
  • Main module: fixed bug when reading a cache file with links to inaccessible dynamic assemblies;
  • Main module: optimization of users authentication mechanism;
  • photogallery components: fixed bugs in templates.

Authentication against Active Directory + .NET Forge

How can one authenticate against Active Directory? This question recently came up in our forum. I answered that the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider class is a full-service provider for authentication for Active Directory. But that lead to other questions: how does one 'register' the provider correctly? Can 2 providers be active at the same time? How can users from different domains be authenticated? Realizing that this was only the beginning, and that the forum would not be the best position to fend off the barrage, I retired, promising to cover the matter(s) in my blog. Here is the keeping of that promise.


Excellent B2B Cargo Web Application built with .NET Forge CMS

Company and Implementer

A ground-breaking project on the .NET Forge CMS platform is slated to be launched by long-time Bitrix partner GALS Soft in August 2011. The project is being developed on order from ground transportation services specializing in oversized shipments and working in the European and Russian markets. The company serves about 200 regular clients and manages a network that includes 7 warehouses and about 500 factories which will be the main users of the system.

Project Goals

The project goal is to create a system which unites a large number of logistics services companies in Europe and Russia. Small companies have an advantageous, individual approach to work with clients, but at the same time they can be united to solve organizational issues more effectively and expand their client base.