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What's new in .NetForge CMS 6.0

New Product Editions
Starting from version 6.0, .NET Forge CMS has two editions: Community and Professional. The free Community edition allows the creation of a community site, blog, personal page or other project types on a ready platform that meets today’s web standards. The Professional edition is a commercial system which can support high-traffic sites and e-commerce sites where scalability, security and stability are critical.

Intuitive GUI with Amber Ergonomics
В .NET Forge CMS 6.0 includes the Amber Ergonomics panel for front-end site management. The Amber concept also includes a set of recommendations for web developers for maximizing performance, security, and ease of management of web projects.

Multi Website Support
Version 6.0 of .NET Forge introduced multisite functionality. This technology allows a single copy of the product to manage multiple web projects and domain names. All sites work on a single platform – that is – a single install of the application. This function works in virtual hosting environments, as well.

Сache Dependencies Technology
Cache Dependencies are built into .NET Forge CMS 6.0 and automatically show new or modified data, without having to wait for the next scheduled cache update. Cache management is one of the main technologies in the product that makes the user experience friendly and convenient.