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SiteUpdate System

SiteUpdate System

Expand your site, add new functions for your clients and partners. By updating your site, you will always have the latest version and features of the product.

SiteUpdate technology

The unique SiteUpdate Technology was developed to make the update process and downloading new modules easier. All the latest system updates and modules can be downloaded from the Bitrix website via the Control Panel of your website. System updates affect only the Bitrix Site Manager system core and do not cause data loss in the public section of the site.

SiteUpdate Technology SiteUpdate Technology

The product license key is automatically requested during the updating process. Upon checking for new updates, a site administrator is invited to choose modules that are to be updated. All the updates and new modules are compressed before they are sent to the user. Data compression reduces time and increases the download speed.

Updates list List of updates

Thus, the site administrator can always keep the system core up-to-date and quickly obtain new Bitrix Site Manager modules. The commercial version includes a lifetime license for two web sites, and 1 year of free technical support and updates. You can extend the support and updates subscription period.

Security during updates

SiteUpdate technology is one of the most important security instruments for your site.

An internet site is a traditional software application which working in the framework of an operating system and server software and uses services from these products. This means that security issues must be given very serious attention.

By using the SiteUpdate system, you will have significant measure of protection from known and recurring vulnerabilities in operation and data protection associated with the functioning in the hostile environment of today’s Internet.

Free updates

Any purchase of a product license comes with one year of free updates after the registration of the license. After that, a subscription to updates can be purchased at special, ‘early’ tariffs or at standard prices.

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