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The Search module allows:

  • morphological search (for English and Russian languages);
  • search of both static and dynamic content (news, articles, photos, catalogs etc.).

Display of search results

  • rank search results by the search phrase density;
  • query syntax can be used for searches; parentheses can be included to build complex search queries;
  • use logical operators in complex queries;
  • use component settings to configure what sections of the intranet or database are to be searched;
  • results are displayed according to user access permissions;
  • build tag clouds.

Indexation of content

  • re-index information automatically in real time. Once news is published, or a new message appears in the forum, the new information is immediately available to the search function;
  • re-index the site manually (useful in the case of non-standard updates and modifications, e.g. after uploads via FTP);
  • use inclusion and exclusion masks for more flexible site indexing.

More Features