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News, Articles, Catalogs

News, Articles, Catalogs

Sample information blocks

  • news feeds, press releases;
  • articles;
  • product catalog; product comparison; catalog search;
  • photo gallery;
  • FAQ section;
  • file archives;
  • job vacancies;
  • website projects;
  • knowledge base;
  • complex catalogs with numerous properties, hierarchical structuring of products/accessories, and linked catalog elements (products, articles, news, etc.);
  • any other objects that permit properties and links to other objects

Management of dynamic content

  • create an unlimited number of information blocks;
  • create an unlimited number of elements and sections in your information blocks;
  • use HTML editor for editing content;
  • link an element to one or more sections, for example: relating a product to multiple categories;
  • limiting visibility of information blocks on sites.

Element properties

  • define multiple properties of different types to connect information to an information block;
  • create "file" properties to add images, sound, video, documents, or any other files;
  • define property "bind to sections" allowing you to link a catalog element/item to sections of another information block (e.g. to catalog a product by independent classifiers, or to spotlight recommended products, articles, and groups of articles);
  • define property "bind to elements" of this or other blocks (e.g. to define analogous items, accessories, articles on a specific subject, etc.);
  • make multiple properties of any type to store multiple values of that type.

Access rights

  • assignment of access rights via user groups for individual information blocks;
  • exclude sections from public view.

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