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Community Edition Professional Edition
The Advertising module helps you manage banners and ads that can be placed in the public sections of your web site supporting GIF, JPEG, PNG graphics, and Flash / Silverlight technology.
News, Articles, Catalogs
Information blocks offer a convenient way to store frequently updated information like news, articles, product catalogs, etc. This method of publishing information saves both time and effort, allowing you to easily add new information to the site.
Photo Gallery
With the help of the Photo Gallery component you can create and manage photo albums and image galleries.
Enhance your web site with the help of the powerful Search Tool and the automated content indexing. It is very easy and productive!
Media Gallery
The Media Gallery component allows you to add, organize and publish audio or video content on your web site pages using the InfoBlocks.
Discuss whatever you wish with your colleagues or clients! Create and moderate forums, control access permissions!
Have your say! The Blogs module enables you to create private or corporate online diaries, merge blogs in communities.
The built-in Proactive Protection module ad other security tools offer a higher security level for your web projects.
Product Catalog
The product catalog module enables management of pricing of items to serve both retail and dealer network.
Amber Ergomomics
Amber Ergonomics is a GUI technology realized in an adaptive interface with flexible settings and drag-and-drop components at the back-end and in the front-end of the product.
The WYSIWYG Editor that allows you to quickly modify any static or dynamic content on your website pages, manage access permissions, change navigation in either the front-end or the back-end of your site.
SiteUpdate System
The unique SiteUpdate Technology makes the process of product update much easier. All the latest system updates and modules can be downloaded from the Bitrix server via the Control Panel of your website.
Ratings and Voting
Bitrix .NET Forge is equipped with a flexible rating and voting mechanism which allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys, carry out polls anywhere on you website, share voting results online.
Access Management
Bitrix .NET Forge allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of user accounts, as well as user groups with different access permissions.
Turnkey Solutions
Bitrix .NET Forge is equipped with website template wizards that help you quickly deploy sites such as a personal blog, an online store, a community web resource, or a corporate website. All website templates are beautifully crafted and already contain demo data that can be easily replaced by your own.
Managed Cache
Caching drastically improves site performance. Managed cache technology is widely and heavily used by the product's components.
The e-Store module enables you to organize online sales of products and services on the Internet, create an e-Store, and effectively manage electronic channels of sales and distribution.
Product support
Number of sites
Number of sites on one product copy
2 Unlimited*
Free $ 990Buy
* - By default, a standard commercial license key for Bitrix .NET Forge CMS: Professional Edition allows you to create two websites on a single product installation. However, the number of websites can be extended by coupons for additional websites. A coupon for an additional website costs 30% of the product price.