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The new version of Bitrix .NET Forge contains a complete set of tools for the quick launching of an internet shop. The Currency, Product Catalog,and e-Store modules put the creation and management of an internet shop within easy reach.

e-Store website example
Example Internet Store

Full-featured shopping cart of products and services

Each item placed in the shopping cart can be described by any number of parameters (properties). The availability of the item is checked while other functions of the shopping cart are being performed.

Discounts system

The discount management system allows creation of several discount levels depending on the total order value. Discounts can be defined by percentage or fixed values. The discount is calculated according to the total order value excluding the delivery cost.

Delivery calculation

Delivery system allows setting various parameters to define the delivery cost. The delivery cost is calculated according to the total order cost and weight. The e-Store includes sub-modules for easy integration with handlers. For example, UPS, DHL, FedEx etc. can be added. In such cases, the delivery cost is calculated automatically using the data from the service provider.

Integrated payment systems

The interface in the payment system can be built to initiate payment electronically or to print the required documents for payment by other (non-electronic) means. The number of payment system templates is not limited. Payment systems require configuration before being used.

Automatic e-mail notifications to customers and e-store owners

New orders are all accompanied by email confirmation sent to the customer and to the e-Store sales department.

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