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".NET Forge gives you true ownership. With source code, open API and hybrid licensing model you overcome the highly-publicized vendor lock-in issue associated with commercial software, and become a true owner of your web applications." - Dmitry Pyalov, senior developer at Bitrix .NET Forge

Development and technical support of Bitrix .NET Forge CMS, Bitrix Site Manager and Bitrix Intranet is performed by Bitrix, Inc. which specializes in the development of professional systems for web project management and corporate intranets.

Promotion and sales of Bitrix products is carried out by Bitrix, Inc. in cooperation with a network of partners who perform additional services such as installation, customization and other services. The Bitrix network of partners includes over 5000 IT service providers worldwide and the number of installations of Bitrix products exceeds 50,000.

Bitrix, Inc. is a Virginia, USA based company controlled by Bitrix of Russia.